Dear Minister of Immigration Denis Coderre,

I am a Danish citizen, and I have with much wonder read about how the Canadian authorities have handled the case with the German immigrant Ernst Zundel whose only "crime" is that he does not believe in the established historiography concerning the fate of the Jews in the German concentration camps during WW2.

I think that you are overreacting the same way as Joseph McCarthy and the Committee against Unamerican Activity did in the fifties in the USA. In a way you Canadians are reacting even more crazy and paranoid than McCarthy did. While the communists had taken over in a large part of the world the only thing the 64 year old Zundel has done "wrong" is to have publicized an opinion that many people do not like. For that purpose you are treating him as if he was a violent and dangerous man. I think that you Canadians are making fools out of yourselves, and history will remember you as more paranoid and far out than even Joseph McCarthy in the USA.

 In my country the lawmakers  have so far kept their heads cool concerning this matter. First of all Denmark had like Canada nothing to do with the alleged holocaust and secondly it is more than 60 years ago, and it would be regarded inapprobiate to punish people of Danish nationality for having  "wrong" opinions of something that took place outside the Danish jurisdiction and without participation of Danish citizens.

Your Faithfully,

Ole Kreiberg
Christian Xs Alle 19,  2mf
DK-2800 Lyngby