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Hi!  I am one of the Arya from America!  I am very impressed with your website.  It clearly wasn't written by a native English speaker, but you are so eloquent!  I shudder to think of what a website written by me in Danish would be like! :(

  Here is an argument you may like, and that I have used with some success even on liberals: In the 1950s, whites were 28% of the world population.  Now we are down to 8%, and we are told to cheer.  Well, we are headed to extinction and I am not cheering.  So the question for you, my liberal friend, is if you are against genocide?  Oh, you are.  Then surely your opposition to genocide must include the white race as well.  Should we go extinct?  All I am asking is that we continue to exist.

  Keep up the great work!

Scott, USA

What a brilliant site, it echoes much of what i have found after many years of study


I applaud your site.   No "hate" there, just facts that the Zionist Jews want suppressed.   I haven't explored everything yet, but so far, most excellent.   The cartoons were brilliant and so true!

Cliff in GA, USA

The current attacks on Mohammad(saw) are an openly declared war - by the Zionist-Crusader Alliance - against Islam. This is the fight for our Dignity and Pride Let the corrupt, lying, power-crazed, money-hungry jew-puppet Bush and his little lapdog (Blair), continue their propaganda of this as an attack against the so-called free-speech." They are destined to fail in the long-run, just as the tyrants of the past were humiliated in the end.

Oh my brothers. If you are not capable of answering the call for Jihad, get out of the away then, step aside, and let women do the job for you. 'We are at war and I am a solider' If any man doubts the sincerity in that voice so pure then I swear by He who holds the soul of Mohammad(saw) we are free from them. Stop the campaign against Islam.

Jews line their pockets to quiet it down, to terminate all who stand tall and proud. Lets get the hell up and shout it out loud. Lets go to war, lets take a stand
No more can I stand idle and watch the insulsts spill. Its time to boot up its time to [illegal call censored]. Denmark go to hell. Denmark go to hell.

Mohammad A. A.

Dear Mr. Ole Kreiberg

My name is A. A. im from UAE [United Arab Emirates].  I have seen your website, and I had read some parts of it and I also saw some cartoons.  Im very happy that you are against the Zionists and the USA.  But I am sorry to say that we have reached a point where we do not trust any one in Europe and the USA because what we saw from Westerners.  Now a days it is enough for Middle Eastern people not to trust  any Westerner even if they are saying the truth.  Many are against Europe and USA because of the Jews that they control your countries and they are pushing you to start the religious war that they believe in it (Harmajedone).  I would like if you can write about the trust that the Westerners have in middle east people and explain why and how they became like that and judge your self also see what people will say.

(sorry if my english is not that good)

Tks &Rgds

I like what you did, not because you are against Israel and the USA, but because you follow your heart, god save you. I don't know you but I like people like you if Jesus  he will do the same as Moslems, and I feel bad from one newspaper in your country but that does not mean that I hate you or your people there is good people like you every where and from many religions. The prophet in Islam is the same, no difference between mohammed and Jesus or other good prophets. We respect all, and wish you a good and nice life

b. mohammed



Thank you to be with the Right, Fair, and Humanity. I saw your Cartoons about US and Israel. Im a Muslim, and dont have problem with Christian or Jews or any human in the world, but what happened in Denmark in the newspaper was a bad thing, because all muslims respect MOHAMAD and love him. also we respect ESSA, MOSSA and Maria.

A. Y

fuck your history you Idiot scum

love the site
Wonderful and informative web site..............I used information from
the site
its great.

Zionism has spent the past century strategically dispossessing the Palestinian
people. It has perpetuated a system of gross racial discrimination and
inequality It has ignored their just claims and subjected them to persecution,
torture and death. It has, in particular, waged a war against a civilian
population, in particular children..... We condemn the current Zionist
atrocities in the Occupaid Land of Palestine We yearn for peace based upon
mutual respect. We are convinced that this proposed mutual respect is
doomed to fail as long as the Israeli state exists. We welcome its abolition in
any manner

Mohammad A. A.

I lived in Sweden for a year when I was 17, but now I travel to Denmark often. I love it!

You see the world as it is which is very refreshing. Thank You! I love you Danes!

I have read some of the other emails sent in by your readers. Boy, some people are so insecure that they have to protect their false sense of realities of their world. If they don't, their whole house of cards will come tumbling down.

I see it all to often here in the US because Americans must be one of the most lied to people in the world.

Please keep up the good work! Tak!



Hello Mr. Kreiburg,

I am an American student studying Danish and Scandinavian studies (first year) at UCL, and currently I am writing a paper on the Danish myth of the occupation years. I have found it very hard to get information on this period that penetrates the very nice story about Denmark being forced to cooperate with Germany but always having had resistance as cooperation's hidden agenda -- you know the story -- which then goes on to talk about the derring-do of the resistance, pauses to mention the great altruistic humanitarianism event, the rescue of the Jews, that every single Danish person can take collective credit for (in my American public school education we were taught at the age of around 12 about the Danish resistance and the rescue of the Jews as part of our Holocaust unit which left us with the impression that Germany had waged WWII for the sole purpose of eliminating the Jews) and then finishes the tale with the liberation. Although I am older now and I can see without even knowing the details that this historical account has been custom made to please the Danish ego and to foster an image of the Danish people that would help put Denmark in a favourable position in the international political arena, the only reason I had any reason to suspect that something was missing in this story when I was younger was that our family tree showed that two of my grandfather's cousins -- who were from Denmark -- were listed as having died while they were in their twenties in Poland in 1944. The problem is, I am having a lot of trouble getting what I think is good information from most of the sources I have found.
The reason I am saying all this -- and using very long sentences to say it -- is because I read some posts you wrote that have been put up on a board that is claiming you are a holocaust denier and a racist. I stumbled upon this site while I was doing a search for information that would tell me whether the industrial collaborationists in Denmark received any punishment, or whether that punishment was restricted to the volunteer-whipping boys which the cooperationist/collaborationist government had called up in the first place. You seem to have what I find a level-headed and well-informed view of history (except that I do think the Germans did kill millions of Jews), where you said many things which are in line with conclusions I have drawn myself as I write. Therefore, if you have the time, I wonder if I might ask you some questions.
Rather than pose these to you now, I will await your reply, as I have to continue working.

My Regards,

I think you should point out that the Turks massacred Christians during WW1--Armenians and Greeks. Hence, why should Denmark allow a group to immigrate to Denmark when they come from a culture that killed Christians. Also, Christians are still discriminated against in Turkey.
Please keep my email address anonymous.


We are - israeli right-wing movement "Bead Artseinu"- seek contacts.
The International Hyperzionist Movement "Bead Artseinu" ("For Motherland!") was founded in 2001 by a group of young Israeli politicians, intellectuals and journalists.

The Movement includes several hundred activists (primarily Russian-speaking repatriants, although there are representatives of different Jewish diasporas, as well as different nationalities).

The number of those who support Bead Artseinu is numbering in the thousands.

Today "Bead Artseinu" is the only movement on the Israeli social-political scene, which has a clearly defined strategic goal as well as a unique ideology.

The official ideology of the movement is Hyperzionism. Hyperzionism is a thoroughly developed ideology, in development of which took part the best politologists of Israel and Russia. Hyperzionism is an ideology of the 3rd millenium, that has come to replace the obsolete ideology of political zionism, which is intended to give a new impulse to the growth and development of Israel, and which fully corresponds to the realities of the coming post-industrial era. This is why the importance of Hyperzionism transcends the boundaries of Israel and is capable of resolving the most urgent questions faced by mankind as a whole. The intent of Hyperzionism is to support the development of a powerful and independent Israel as a country which would have leading roles in the global economy, science and culture, the creation of "the Israeli Empire" in minimal borders from the Nile to Euphrates, the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple, and returning of the glorious heroic image to the Jewish people, as described in Tanakh.

The movement is active internationally. One of the main goals of the Movement's existance is to counteract Muslim fundamentalism, which presents a fundamental threat not only to Israel, but to the entire modern civilization. To ehnance awareness of this threat and to unite the forces, capable of standing against it, "Bead Artseinu" employs its versatile international connections, first and foremost in Western Europe, Russia and CIS, in various Christian and Muslim circles.

The movement has conducted a number of political actions, directed to defend the Jews of diaspora, the Holy Land as well as in support of our political allies.

Two films were made about "Bead Artseinu", which were screened on Israeli TV channels "Israel-Plus" (a film by Petr Majstrovoy "For God, King and Fatherland") and "NTV-World" (a film by Alexander Stupnikov "The New Jewish Revolutionaries"), also there was multiple news coverage on the TV networks of Israel, Russia and other countries. Also, a chapter is dedicated to the movement in a book "Against the Modern World" by professor Michael Sedgwick, published by the Oxford University (the book deals with modern Traditionalist political parties and movements). Altogether, the activities of "Bead Artseinu" receive regular coverage in Israeli and foreign press. Many members of the movement have gained recognition in various areas, for example, the leader of the Movement, Rabbie Abraham Shmulevich is a renowned publicist, a religious leader and historian, one of the leading specialists in geopolitics, his social studies articles and essays have appeared in various printed and electronic mass media of Israel, the United States, Russia, CIS and Western Europe; the Secretary of the movement, Alexander Rybalka, a renowned Israeli journalist, science-fiction writer, an author of five books, an expert on the Jewish mysticism (translated to Russian one of the most important books of Quaballah "Sepher Yetzira" and compiled "An Encyclopedia of Jewish Demonology"); a member of the Political Council of the movement, one of the leading Israeli Russian-speaking journalist and publicists, an affiliate of the "Vesti" newspaper Leon Vershinin; the list goes on.

The official mass medium of "Bead Artseinu" is website, where materials are hosted in 5 different languages (Hebrew, Russian, English, German, French). Chapters of the movement exist in Russia, the United States, Great Britain, the West Indies and Germany with a planned chapter in Italy.

Alexandr Rybalka, Secretary of Movement

Dear Ole,

Much of the information on your website is already known to me.The controversy of Zion is published by an Australian company. I do however
applaud your courage in making and maintaining your very clear and concise website.I hope you are ready for the trouble that may follow.The
situation in Australia is similar to that of the states being the third member of the "axis of Evil". Sadly,David Irving has been banned here for
years and the Zionist Lobby groups are all pervasive which reflects in our Zionist government policy.We are unwittingly being
further brutalised each day.

Please keep up your work as I will be reading regularly, and will often find something new like such as information on Winston Churchill's part
in the terrible mistake of allowing the Creation of the Zionist state of Isreal with all it's nuclear weapons.Not too long now until the real
Holocaust I think.

best regards

Dear Sir,
Congratulation to this great page! Großartig.
Please notify if any updates or news.
Ich musste 50 Jahre alt werden um zu kapieren, dass wir alle grandios verarscht werden !
Alles Gute  wünscht

P. B.

Dear Danish Comrades,
My Grandfather was born in Faaborg, Fyn. Knowing him as I did I am not surprised that the Danes have the common sense to put a stop to over-immigration of 3rd worlders who don't give a fig about Denmark or Danes. Here in the USA we are finally starting to awake from our stupor from the barrage of liberal special interests through a leftist media.
In 40 short years this great nation has been brought to it's knees but Americans now realize that WE run this country, it is ours and we will take it back again if we must. God Bless the Danes and thier humble and heroic cause. The leftist ideas spell the doom of all we hold dear in life, home, hearth and family and even our almighty God whom watches over us.
Always faithful,

R H. L. (Boston University)

Thank you very much for your e-mail with feedback

Your most welcome. There was a point where I'd given thought to trying to live in Denmark rather than here any longer, but the problem is everywhere. The crime against regular working Americans is out of control.
According to a conservative Washington think tank, well over five trillion dollars has been shelled out by taxpayers for 30 years of affimative action and welfare. The recipients are multiplying as they breed uncontrolled..........all except for the evil saving grace of abortion, otherwise there'd be zillions of them.
I pray for Americans to live up to thier heritage and take our country back, out of the hands of those with un American special interests. Enough of the freeloaders who have no National Pride. They niether want to participate nor contribute but leach off of the system like ticks. Liberal media is a major problem here, distorting the news, more or less fiddling while Rome burns. They ignore the hatred fueled by the rap genre for fear of being labeled racist. We are unindated with the filthy noise of stolen disco tunes with some cave man banging rocks and ryhming about exterminatingf whites through murder and rape. They',ve done such a good leftist job on our young that many young sing right along about thier own FOLK's planned extermination.
God Bless you my friend and all who hold the good things in life close to thier hearts-

Hi , I am Hungarian ,since 86 I live in Canada.
Always interested in history, was 28 when I left my communist country . Now they are "free" in a country run by jews and ex-communists.Keep up the great job, We need you!!


You are [hate word censored] and a hypocite. I'm glad people like you will always fail in whatever convoluted truth they are trying to spread


man i love your cartoons

from your friend in america

I had the misfortune of stumbling upon your website while looking for a graphic just now. Now, I'm a busy person, but just had to take a moment out of my day to tell you how seriously VILE I found you, your opinions AND your website. I can only hope that someday your hell will be finding yourself in heaven surrounded by all the people that were killed in Nazi Germany, lol. Now THAT would be poetic justice!


The USA/Israel cartoons were hilarious! Great site and great articles.

John L.

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I would like to thank you so much for answering my question. A couple weeks ago I searched for "the idea of aryan germany" and nothing came up so I was very dissapointed. But, I just want to thank you again for offering all of that information on your website. I'm American so all I really know about is what they tell me in textbooks about hitler and the holocaust. thank you again you are a very smart guy I wish we had more people like you who lived here.


I have visited and recomended your site many times. Thank you.


You are an absolute legend! I have read your new posts on your site, and am forced to conclude that the Germans are just never happy unless they are telling another nation what to do! Here in Australia we have huge problems with a burgeoning crime rate, Islamic rape gangs and so forth - most of which is directly related to a huge increase in non integartive immigration. People of Northern european descent are made to feel like a minority in this country and there is constant editorialising against them. It is time to take a stand in the name of self preservation and basic decency. Well done on telling it like it is. Fuck the EU. It is nonsense.

B. B.

Dear sir,

What is unnatural about the mixing of races (miscegenisus)? Don't you have a working dick? Does a woman have to be white for you to find her attractive?


T.W - sydney aust

Dear Sir,

I appreciate your struggle for gettin as much as possible closer toward the historical truth.

To regard with responsability a nation as a responsible father looks at his family is something that, in our days, must be appreciated.

I have visited several times your country, and I am convinced that only a national unity can save the history and the present of your wonderful native place. The most valuable resource, is indeed the national one.

I was so happy when Denmark rejected the Europeean Curency. But the slight majority of the votes against made me, on the other side, worry.

Actually I am studying in Canada where I have strongly consolidated my convinctions,that:

1) every individual must be part of his own nation, living in his native country according to their traditions and cultural style of life in the hope for a better national future (and this, as HCA says in one of his few novels, in respect and consideration to other nations)

2) the mixing of cultures, languages and ethnicity leads progressively to a complete disaster. (even if we can see freely this only if we made the effort to open our eyes, all the signs are already present in such societies as the American-one)

3) Only national unity, at least, among all the Europeean nations, which is completely the opposite of European Union, can save the future of the many nations cohabitating today on the Europeean Continent.

Finally, is your strugle appreciated by the Danish public oppinion?

Could you provide me with the addresss of some web-sites where I can read realistic writings about the Scandinavian Countries and their relations with EU and Euro?

I do feel that the salvation of the many Europeean Nations could start from Scandinavia.

Could you give me a clue why Finland has accepted the desastrous Euro instead of its own curency?

Is really Sweden ready to join the new european curency?

I do appologise for abusing your time. Congratulation for your articles.



Really enjoy your site... You have some really good information... Especally the 2 pieces by M. Ravage.

Best to you,

Interesting site, stumbled accross it by accident, don't neccessarily agree with all of your arguements, but you make some good points and raise issues with accepted truths that I was unawre of (eg. the holocaust) Just finished reading an article on why captialism will not benefit the third world and that it meant a possible worsening of conditions in Denmark for the poorest, however I was wondering how this was allied with the success of the asian 'tiger' economies and south american growth. The article simplifies all manufacturing as being very basic and so over looks skilled manufacturing as how this has benefitted some countries. Finally there is no alternative given. Do you have plans to set up a discussion board on your site at all?




I understand congratulations are in order in that your countrymen and women have voted for a governemnt that will get tough on immigration - well done!


Great website!
Above all I like the "tone" of the pages. My own thinking is along the same lines.
I have a question. In your estimation, what is the present racial status of Denmark? What is the proportion of non-mixed Danes to other non-european groups living in your country?
I will continue reading your articles and translations to English as time allows.



This is the message you must get across to Danes. You are being invaded. These so-called refugees are invaders, and will eventually bring to an end the Danish people. We cannot be so careless with our blood as other races. We must protect ourselves and our land from outsiders in order to ensure a future for our children and our race. Eventually, we'll all fight together, all of Europe. [abbreviated]


Thank you for revealing the truth in regards to Zionism, Racisim and what is now known as "Israel".


You are a twat and your website is very offensive.


Excellent web page,I see the many Danes still have pride in their country and their many accomplishments. I commend you. Don't give up.


I enjoy your WWW site very much.My father and mother were both born in Silkeborg, Denmark and I am very proud of my Danish heritage.I agree with and support your goals.I give you my best wishes and hope you have great success in all you do in the future.

L. L.
Portland, Oregon U.S.A.

thanks for your courage and informations you have provided. It is very helpful and I am spreading it to everyone I know.
The worst you can do is to love your country and nation. If one does not give up , then is branded as nationalists and fascists.
Here in Slovakia we do feel an enormous pressure from the groups you are talking about.

Best regards,

I enjoy your web page very much as it speaks to our cultural history. I wondered if you were aware that your web site was listed on the following site and referred to in the most negative way:

I became aware of this because like yours my web site was listed here and I had not known why up to then that I was receiving harassing e-mails.



Subject: Euro [-referendum 28/09-2000]

I see the Danes have not been overrun by foreigners to the point where they cannot vote for their own interests. I congratulate you. You may go down in history as the straw that broke the back of the New World Order.

Robin Hood


I`m from Germany! Your Homepage is good!
How does it see with you out in the right scene? Also does your state try to bring you behind lattices?

You can write back if you want!


Glad to make contact with you. I like your web site which I found today. I am the author of scores of racial-nationalist articles, for worldwide publications including my own. Author of several books; For Those Who Cannot Speak, Death of a City (Hamburg), Behind Enemy Lines, Special Weapons and Techniques, Witness to History. Have a look at my attachment. You might feel that it is a good article/book review.Nice to meet you. Good luck and best wishes.


About one year ago (back in the 20th century) I would have thought your site is just that of another extremist group with strange ideas. But I have since made some discoveries as a young man of 27. What makes me most angry is that countless thousands of lives are lost from wars that have been completely manipulated or even instigated by the media.

Why would the media do this? Before I knew what I now suspect I would answer myself: There is no reason, and could be no reason, therefore my question is only an Orwellian paranoia. To those who have gotten to this point, do not draw the last conclusion. Do not dismiss what you have noticed, but investigate the inconsistency. You may find reasons later on.

After the war on Serbia, a friend sent me a link to a London Times article discussing the results of the investigation on the alleged genocide (this friend was an anti-war anomaly within the american war-bright culture). In the US there was a press blackout on the shocking results. It was the article that shocked me, but it was the media blackout that raised the flags for me. The was also no errata by the networks and newspapers in my country, but in fact a media blackout. Surely every people have a right to the information that a nation had been falsely accused of the most evil crime.

Today I believe I understand the reasons of why these bloodthirsty manipulations occur. The media is only an instrument for historical figures that are as obscure as they are wealthy and powerful. They can be found in our history books, even encyclopedias. In school you may even have glanced over their names in an insignificant paragraph of your textbook. You will notice them more often now in documents on the world wide web (but never on I thank you for bringing to light some very important information on your site.

My ancestry is half European and half Asian, and I do disagree with your view on a totally isolated culture. I do believe that your country has a right and duty to preserve its culture and its people, that immigration should be sharply reduced, and limited to mostly academics, researchers, engineers and scarce skilled labor.

I also strongly disagree with the media's unnatural pressure for "diversity". You are ridiculed as "racist" for your preference of a homogenous society; you are made to feel guilty if you prefer your child to be european. You are advertised with the fashionability of being in an interracial relationship. You will be out of a career as a journalist or academic if you voice any ideas that go against such an agenda. How can your society set such unnatural pressures or bear to live with them? (It
is self-destructive and almost unique to the western world.)

There are three choices that I see.

1. An open society without media pressure to conform unnaturally. This society does not restrict nor pressure your way of life and your ideal for a family.

2. A closed society more like you see it.

3. A society going against nature, where individuals are lured into artificial conformity of self-destruction by the sirens.


My Danish friend,

I just wanted to let you know that I am really glad to see that some Europeans are becoming proactive in trying to expose the truths that exist today and show the lies and deception of the ones that hate us. I think it is supremely important that Europeans keep all of Europe white so that it doesn't become like the U.S. is. Sure some people are getting wealthy here, but in all honesty the system here is really unequal and unfair to whites. I hope that Europe doesn't fall into the same traps and vices America has and that it will be a homeland to all Aryans for centurys to come!

Until we perish from this earth,



Hearty thanks and Best wishes for your website! It is good to know our kinfolk in Europe are waking up to the dangers of multiculturalism. Lets us be strong and wise in our struggle for a bright future for our children.


I'm an American married to a Danish woman. I've been a revisionist for the past 5 years. I think your site is fantastic and, should be the start page for every Dane with a computer.
I have spent the last 5 years here in Denmark trying to convince people that they're letting their country slip away from them. As I said I'm American, I know what's going to happen here. Even though your right wing politicians would want to stop immigration from the U.S. as well; I still support 100% the idea of stopping the influx of refugees. They don't contribute anything to the I saw that at the end of your page called German Hegemony Over Denmark in the past and present that you said "There is more than ever a need for a new resistance movement - courageous, strong and Danish. Anyway, you're welcome to e-mail me anytime. Maybe we could have a long chat about the things that could be done to help this fight.
Also, I am not a Danish citizen and, don't plan on becoming one. I work for a living and pay my taxes. I expect nothing in return or for free. Just to have a nice place to raise a family free from al Good luck!


Greetings to Danish Nationalists,
Congradulations on such an excellent website.The articles are very informative.

Best wishes.


...for your site - and its independence of thought. We need people like you to stir up the sleep of zionists and Holohoax Converts - as I confess I was until this year, when I discovered the Internet and the existence of a lot of not-so-correct sites. I therefore include you in my collective thanks to all the people who have contributed to my awakening by allowing me - and some friends of mine - to read texts and see documents the international Nomenklatura would forbid us
to know



I am Jewish and your site makes me sick. You are a bottom feeder.



Greetings to Danish Nationalists,

I am writing to you on behalf of a nationalist organization in Japan.
Nearly 20 years have passed since we started fighting against Jewish monopoly, race-mixing, and so on.
Your website is excellent! Let's do our best. Good luck to you!
Sincerely I. E.

We have a website containing Japanese edition of Holocaust Revisionism.
We have never forgotten "Das Dritte Reich" which was our comrade in war.
The war continues.

Völkischer Beobachter

National Socialist Japanese Workers Party

Reply: Good luck to you and your organisation. I must however emphasize that we are ordinary patriots and not national socialists.


We thank you for your homepage in the English edition. We are pleased inform you that your homepage is very successful in our and other brothers organization.
Let me introduce our organization.
We are Slovak patriotic organization. The name of our organization is - Slovenska pospolitost (SP) – Slovak community. We are full legal organization of young people which doing for young people. SP We think that young people must know the true about own nation, about all interesting parties European and worlds history. Then they can know true about current situation in our country and the problems of the world. We are not hate organization. SP want help to solve problems resulting from creation of new state. We are looking for state stability. Slovakia as independence state started new history on the 1st January 1993. Much people from Slovakia and Czech republic want destroyed our young state and join these independence state again as Czechoslovakia. We must save our land and proud.
SP are looking forward your further information with interest. We are awaiting some contact to Danish patriotic organizations and you.

Yours sincerely


Hello Ole,

Read some of your posts on soc.culture german, and had a look at your website. Quite good!

I just wanted to ask though, How fucked up is Denmark, ethnically speaking. I mean, the last I heard, small villages in Denmark were being forced to accept African refugees. With such a small population, it seemed to me that Denmark didn't have much time left.

Here in Australia, even with a population of 19,000,000, we are finished. Every second Australin girl is with child to an African or aboriginal or Turk or Arab.

I used to get mad, but now I just shrug my shoulders. The white race was extinct the minute that Germany lost WW2.

so sit back,

put your feet up,

have a laugh,

it is all over for us anyway. the world will descend into another dark ages once the white race isn't around anymore, so their victory is a pyrrhic one!

Best of Luck!



- please excuse my use of uncouth vernacular. I find swearing to be a benignly amusing way to colour language and lend it some vigour.

pps- and no i am not some kind of communist jew provocateur. I really am just a blond haired bloke from Australia who has given up.

Great! Glad to know that not all Danes are Holo-hoax stoopers.



hello. you are ok right on target, keep up the good work.
the thruth has to winn, we live with 95% lies for a long time, only the thruth
will safe us.
we must all unite,if we want to survive.
white poeple are only 5% in the world,so dont led any other ones in your land.


all the luck to you.



hello welcome on the truth train of history.
better late than never.
send all jews and auslander home.
whites are only 5-8% in the world



My compliments for Jonny Hansen's school. Please, bring my regards to him, if ever you know him, by an Italian racist.
I think sometimes we have to follow our enemies' example: culture is very important if we want our values to survive. I myself am translating Hans F.K.Guenther's "Rassenkunde Europas" into Italian (it was never translated, even during the Fascist government), as well as organizing a conference about revisionism. Now is a very bad period for my country, since left-wing government is legalizing tens of thousand of border-sneakers at a time (many of them from Africa).


From Italy

Reply: I have no ties to Johnni Hansen and the Danish National Socialists. Ole Kreiberg

>Good Morning....My name is [withheld on request]...I am an Australian (Parents German)....I read about your site on the FINAL CONFLICT newsletter. My wife and I live in Hamburg Germany for 6 months every year and we quite often visit Denmark...I know first hand the problems Europe is having with Immigration, In Australia we have 260 different races living here and each race is fighting every other race....Last week a 14 year old Korean boy was stabbed to death by a Lebanese gang (they thought he was a Vietnamese)...the Police started a Razzia against the Lebanese gangs...Two nights ago a group of Lebanese in a stolen car, machine-gunned a police station...Oh the joys of multi-culturalism...So now the Lebanese are fighting the Koreans, Vietnamese and the Police...The Head Mufti (Religious leader) here in Sydney came out and gave a speech on TV in Arabic....a big help to the rest of the population who do not speak arabic.
I agree with you on most points you make on your website....I have filmed and photographed every concentration camp in Europe and I have been to Auschwitz I know that no Jews were gassed in WW2....If you need any photos of any concentration camp for your site I have hundreds of them digitized....I have Auschwitz 1 and Birkenau, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, Dachau, Sachsenhausen, Ravensbrueck, Neuengamme, Mauthausen,....If you want any fotos...I'll send you them to you via email, free of charge.

Please do not use my name on your website...I'm a foreigner and I need to get back to Germany every year....if my name goes on their list I may not be able to get back to see my family.



Congradulations on your website. I wish you well in your endeavors and I will check in again to see your progress.

Seattle, USA

In the article, "The Importance of the Jewish Tale of Woe," by Ole Kreiberg, he wrote, in part, "It is very difficult for me to understand, why exactly it is the fate of Jews during WW2 that cannot be questioned, when you can do so about all other historical events."

A newspaper editor in the U.S. asked me the same question a few years ago, and I could only give him an example, for a full explanation would be far too lengthy.
I told him, "Imagine that you found out that your wife of 50 years, who you always considered a long-suffering, dutiful, kind, and gentle woman, was - in fact - a whore of the most licentious nature... who has spent the last 53 years selling herself for a few gold coins and a generous amount of sympathy, to support an unquenchable drug habit. Deign that anyone should have pointed that out early on in your courtship, or throughout the past 53 years, lest you punch them in the mouth. You would have believed in her because of the legend that she built, and not from reality."

The editor immediately grasped the concept. Suffice it to say that the purpose of the perpetual whining, sniveling, and lying is - at the core - a matter of State interests. Without the benefits gained today, from the promotion of “The Holocaust™©®,” there would be no Middle East sand-box to contend with. There would be no synagogues in the form of a taxpayer-funded “museum” of lies, either. Of course, there was no event known as “The Holocaust™©®,” in the U.S., and there is no rational reason to have a United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. That is another story.

To perhaps answer Ole's other question, I refer to the comment by Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of "Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith" (New York), who offers dialectic nonsense to the question:

"The Holocaust is something different. It is a singular event. It is not simply one example of genocide but a near successful attempt on the life of God's chosen children and thus, on God Himself. It is an event that is the antithesis of Creation as recorded in the Bible; and like it's direct opposite, which is relived weekly with the Sabbath and yearly with Torah, it must be remembered from generation to generation"

The greatest, and much older perfidy than “The Holocaust™©®,” is the claim that the Jews are the Biblical Shemitic, Hebrew, Abrahamic sons of Isaac, Jacob, and his sons; i.e., Israelites. They are not, and never have been any of the above. Anyone who has studied the Bible seriously should have already come to that conclusion. To see a chart that is simple enough for even a child to understand, and which you can download and print out for yourself and friends, see the website:
<A HREF="">Genuine Israelite Genealogy</A>

The Jews and their quisling Jewdeo-Christian accomplices have led the Christian world to believe that they are “God's chosen people,” thus, the highly-publicized “sufferings of the Jews,” in the ceaselessly-promoted legend, “The Holocaust™©®,” is regarded as more important than that of other peoples who have suffered and died in far greater numbers.

Just two examples:
1. The Jewdeo-Communist murders under Lenin and Stalin;
80Million - mostly Christian human lives.
2. The Jewdeo-Communist murders under Stalin of the Ukrainians;
8-13 Million - mostly Christian human lives.

The reality of the situation is that we must keep to the facts, and teach our children. Perhaps the next generation will have the courage to stand straight up on their own two legs, and prevent the jews and their quislings from passing more draconian laws to prevent the truth from being known.

I agree entirely with Mr. Ole Kreiberg; Denmark should not - in any way - assist Germany in it's bizarre and self-depreciating witch-hunt on so-called, “Holocaust™©® deniers.”

Mit freündlichen Grüß, Ihr
-- C.

These are the basic facts:

I love Jews. I am German. And I am also Northamerican.

And I will spend my life fighting Nazis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my Homepage at the University in Berlin, Germany

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That's all I have to say to you people now.

A. L.


Here we have a typical example of a brainwashed and selfhating young German

Greetings from north america, have just come across your website. I was very impressed with it. We as nationalists need to have more just like it in more countries. Carry on the fight for freedom.

M. R

North America

Excellent your homepage. From Argentine, good luck !