The European Union - a totalitarian monstrosity

By Ole Kreiberg

On the 19th March 1995 the ministers of justice and internal affairs agreed to "a common action against racism and xenophobia" which binds the member countries "to secure an efficient judicial co-operation" within following five areas:

Now, you must be incredible naive if you think that it is only so-called "racism" that the EU wants to oppose with unconstitutional Soviet methods. As soon as the few "racists" have been send to special EU prisoner camps, re-education camps or what ever the EU may prefer to call them, the turn will come to the far more numerous EU-adversaries whose EU scepticism will be cried up as nationalism.

The experience from the former Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and various historical empires shows that the only way to keep such multinational states together is through ruthless repression of all tendencies to separatism. The first thing that happened when freedom of speech was introduced in the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia was that these states collapsed. It should be easy for everyone to understand that you are not able to have both an European Union and democracy at the same time.One of them has to go - either the EU or democracy.