An open e-mailletter to The European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia


An European center for monitoring the citizens for the expression of political incorrect thoughts in matters of immigration and race sounds like something from George Orwell's novel, 1984, or simply like a declaration of war against free speech and thereby the human rights. Only in a dictatorship do you monitor the citizens and punish those who deviate from what the rulers find decent. A dictatorship propagandizes and indoctrinates in order to regiment the citizens and public opinion in accordance with the ruling ideology. The ruling ideology of the EU is multi-racialism and as in any open dictatorship you must be in accordance with this ideology or you may get punished by the rulers. EU has tried to disguise all these infringements as bogus human rights. However free speech is a part of the true human rights, but like in any open dictatorship the EU really cares a damn about free speech and the human rights when it comes to the crunch.

EU is dominated by the Germans and the French, and to these two people fanaticism and ruthlessness seem to prevail over tolerance and consensus. The human rights were born in connection with the French revolution, but due to the ugly fanatic mentality of the French people it all ended with a bloodshed and a reign of terror, never seen before, with social genocide against the nobility and royalty. This was a grossly violation of the human rights done in the name of the human rights. Today the French take the lead in both advocating the human rights as well as in violation the same human rights (free speech e.g. the Fabius-Gayssot law). There have even been communists in the French government all though there died more people in communist camps than in Nazi-camps. This all proves the double standard and hypocrisy of the French people. However, it is impossible to bring the French to their senses, because they are too blinded by their innate fanaticism. The same goes with the Germans. The Germans are by nature an authoritarian and ruthless people. Nazism was just an extreme expression of the true German soul. The Germans are herdpeople. The German people are a weak people behind a iron hard mask. They love strong leaders and love to persecute those that are different. Today there are more people in prison in Germany because of so called "propaganda" crimes against the ruling ideology of the German regime than there were in the last decade of the communist Eastern Germany (GDR). If the vile German regime wants to get rid of somebody they just label them "nazis" or something similar, and the courts will submit to the regime as they did it in the Gunther Deckert case. Before that the Germans were persecuting jews and other opponents of the nazi-regime. Further back in time they were persecuting deviating Christian faith the way they nowadays are persecuting Scientology. The Germans just cannot live without persecuting somebody. Today they are doing all this in the name of tolerance and democracy and are thus making a joke out of tolerance and democracy. They are dragging the human rights through mud. May God save Europe from German and French domination.


Ole Kreiberg,
Christian Xs Alle 19
DK-2800 Lyngby

Phone +45 45880681

The article above was posted to usenet groups uk.politics,soc.culture.german,soc.culture.french,talk.politics.european-union and alt.politics.nationalism.white. I got an answer from a German by the name Martin Bitter which I am answering below. Text marked > comes from Martin Bitter and the text without > from is from me:

>Many European countries, including Denmark, have a very active and violent
>right wing scene.

Are you crazy? Please give me just one example of right wing violence
in Denmark. Danish people are furious against the politicians, because
they have allowed all these undesired ethnic minorities to settle down
in Denmark, but as they are allowed to express their opinions in a
peaceful manner, they prefer that to violence. I do not think that
there are people in Denmark who wish to import your kind of political

>I as a German, feel extremely saddened that there are so
>called "national-liberated areas", in plain English, areas in which the
>police have lost controll and right wing thugs have taken over.

If you had respected free speech a strong and peaceful movement
against the immigration could have developped like in Denmark. Let me
give you a piece of advice. Send all these ethnic minorities home and
the problem will vanish into thin air. You do not owe them anything.

>This is not some remote possibility, but a sad fact of life.
>We all should be ashamed that our countries are not safe for our ethnic

Who says that these ethnic minorities should have been allowed to
settle down in our countries in the first place? No, but you must make
the politicians that have allowed this madness responsible and not the
ethnic minorities.

> or in some cases for people who think differently.
>It is a problem which is European and requieres drastic action.
>If not EMRCX, then may I ask, what do you propose?????

Drastic action!! Without people with your kind of mentality Hitler
would never have had a chance in Germany. Look at my country, we got
democracy 150 years ago without anybody getting killed or throwned to
jail. We allowed communism and nazism, but our democracy was strong
enough to easily survive that challenge. Today we allow people to
express their opinion of immigration and our democracy continues its
stable and peaceful course. I prefer that to your "drastic action"

Ole Kreiberg