The following is a letter that I sent to several members of the Danish parliament among others the chairman of the Judicial Committee of the Parliament Bjørn Elmquist. After the letter follows Mr. Elmquist's reply.


Dear MP Bjørn Elmquist,

I have sent translations of some American revisionist pamphlets to the Judicial Committee of the Parliament. I have translated them myself and have the last couple of years distributed hundreds and yet hundreds of them.

Because the Germans are now trying to pressure Danish politicians into making Denmark introduce unconstitutional censorship like in the years 1940-45 of which views and opinions that may be expressed about the nazism in Denmark I feel called upon to stand forward.

I am like most other revisionists not a nazi but regard merely the official historiography of the fate of the Jews during Second World War in the German concentration camps for being a continuation of the Allied wartime propaganda. I would like to ask you some simple questions about the fate of the Jews in the German concentration camps.

Until recently there was in the Auschwitz Museum a memorial tablet in which it was written that 4 million Jews were killed here. The same figure is mentioned at the Nuremberg Tribunal and appears in Gyldendals Tibinds Leksikon (A Danish encyclopaedia) from 1977. Recently this figure was officially changed to 1.5 million. My question is now whether the total figure is still 6 million killed Jews or only 6-2.5=3.5 million. On the assumption that "Holocaust" is the most well documented historical fact, I hereby ask you to to explain where the missing 2.5 Jews were killed then. If you mention the other camps it will mean that the figures for these camps are incorrect too. According to the established historiography mass-gassings did only take place in Poland. These camps were all liberated by the Soviet Union and the alleged number of 4 million killed in Auschwitz originates from Soviet investigations. Wasn't it by the way the same Soviets who investigated the Katyn-massacre and came to the result that it was committed by the Germans? If you think that Stalin's NKVD is a particular reliable source of truth you have of course the right to do so.

How is it possible to cremate a corpse in a crematory oven in the course of 5 to 10 minutes. In the American drama-documentary television serial "holocaust" it is maintained that 12.000 bodies were cremated every day and night in 46 ovens in Auschwitz? Gyldendals Tibinds Leksikon says that it is takes 75 minutes to cremate a corpse without a coffin. This does however only apply for modern ovens. With that type of coal- and coke fired ovens which were common in the 40ies, it took even longer time.

Why was the insecticide Zyklon B applied - the same remedy used to e.g. delousing of clothes in special manufactured gas chambers? Zyklon B was introduced in the early 1920ies and marketed under the name Cyclone in the English speaking countries. Zyklon B is hydrogen cyanide or prussic acid (HCN) absorbed in liquid form into a chemical inactive solid substance (e.g. pellets) and packed in airtight cans. It takes, according to the manufacturer, several hours to evaporate HCN from liquid into gas by contact with air. The boiling point of HCN is app. 26 degrees Celsius (78 F). Were the alleged gas chambers preheated before they were used, and if so, which method was applied. HCN is inflammable which means that stoves could not be applied. There is nothing that indicates at the alleged gas chambers in Auschwitz that central heating had been installed.

How did you get rid of the excessive gas without harming animals and humans in the vicinity? This has never been explained. In the USA where gas chambers are applied for execution, a very slow and complicated procedure is necessary just to clean one small single person chamber after the use. Furthermore Zyklon B has never been applied in the USA. In stead sodium cyanide crystals are poured into sulphuric acid. This releases immediately sufficient amounts of HCN gas to kill a man. However, as mentioned before, in the USA this method is in fact considered the most expensive and is therefore very rarely used.

There is another question that needs to be answered. What really happened to the millions of Jews who lived in Poland before the WW2?

At the census in Poland in 1931 the number of Jews is estimated to 3.1 million. However, there was a considerable emigration in the thirties of Jews to Palestine, South America, USA, France, the Benelux, England etc. The Institute of Contemporary History in Munich estimates that approximately hundred thousand Polish Jews emigrated each year from 1933. Thus there arrived solely 68.000 to Palestine between 1934 and 1937. Therefore it is estimated that there were app. 2.664.000 Jews in Poland at the outbreak of the war in 1939. After the German and Soviet invasion at least 750.000 Jews escaped from the German occupied part of Poland to the Soviet occupied. These refugees were spread all over the Soviet Union. Those who refused to apply for Soviet citizenship were sent to special work camps, where hundred of thousands died. In the Jewish Universal Encyclopaedia vol. 6 page 176 is written that the Jewish relief organisation, The Joint Distribution Committee in the beginning of 1942 organised relief to 600.000 Polish-Jewish refugees, alone in the Asiatic parts of the Soviet Union. There were now 757.000 Jews left under German control. 100.000 Jews escaped to Romania via Bukovina. From Romania there was an escape route by ship to Turkey. When the Germans invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, millions of people were evacuated to the east by the Soviet authorities. These were in particular the population of the cities and the towns who were regarded the most useful in the armament industry. Most of the Soviet Jews lived in the cities. After the war in June 1946 there were 240.489 registered Jews in Poland. (This was in the Western part of Poland which was occupied by the Germans in 1939. The other half occupied by Stalin was incorporated in the Soviet Union after the war.) It is not known, how many Jews fled to Western Europe and from there to Palestine and the USA at the end of the war.

Finally I would very much like to ask you outrightly why it is supposed to be illegitimate to ask these valid questions? It is very difficult for me to accept that there are Jews who are offended by the revisionist research. I think on the contrary that is good news for the both the Jews and the humanity that considerably fewer Jews died during the Second World War than originally assumed. The fewer that died the better - don't you agree.

Yours Faithfully,

Ole Kreiberg

The chairman of the Judicial Committee of the Parliament, Bjørn Elmquist replied as follows:

1240 København K

København den 7. oktober 1994

Dear Mr. Ole Kreiberg,

Thank you for your letter of the 5th October where you request an answer from me on a number of questions concerning the treatment of Jews in the German concentration camps and other places.

As far as it concerns the very general aspects - treatment of Jews of other countries, other ethnic groups and minorities altogether I will not get into further discussion but only state that I have up to now worked and will in future work for binding extensive rules for the protection of minorities.

Regarding the more specific about the gassing of Jews in the German concentration camps I shall remind you that I do not support the introduction of a penal code for "historical truth". I have made that clear earlier on - and I stick to this.

Your Faithfully,

Bjørn Elmquist