By Richard Harwood

Central to the claim that six million Jews were "systematically exterminated" by the Nazis in "death camps" is the following commonly accepted description of how the "gassings" were carried out:

"Hundreds - sometimes thousands - of victims were herded into the chamber which released hydrogen cyanide fumes killing the occupants in a matter of minutes. Immediately afterwards attendants - often smoking and eating and not wearing any gas masks or other protective clothing - would drag the corpses out of the chamber and would immediately begin searching the mouths and other orifices of the corpses for gold and other valuables." This process is scientifically impossible.


Any chemist will tell you - ask one! - that hydrogen cyanide gas clings to surfaces and persists in crevices and orifices to such an extent that it would be lethal for unprotected persons to open and enter a gas chamber, let alone remove bodies and search them, for at least 20 hours after the chamber and its contents had been thoroughly been ventilated. Yet according to "holocaust" stories, in camps like Auschwitz Jews were being exterminated in gas chambers at the rate of 1000 an hour!
Hydrogen cyanide gas, from Zyklon B (1), was used by the Germans - and other combatants in the war - for delousing clothing. This process is clearly described in German and French army regulation:

Firstly, the clothing was hung on racks in chambers.
Secondly, the Zyklon B was poured into the chambers.
Thirdly, the chamber was sealed and put under armed guard for a period of hours while the fumigation process took place.
Fourthly, specially-trained men, wearing gas masks and full protective clothing, would unseal the chamber, where upon the chamber would be ventilated - still under armed guard - for at least 20 hours.
Fifthly, the men would return - still wearing gas masks and full protective clothing - and test the chamber for remaining traces of gas, Sixthly, the de-loused clothing would be removed from the chamber and thoroughly beaten to remove the last persistent traces of gas.


In the USA, hydrogen cyanide gas has been used for the executions. The procedure, as laid down by law (to effect the death of the convict without endangering the prison staff!) is as follows:

Firstly, the convict is strapped down in a chair in a small chamber.
Secondly, the chamber is sealed.
Thirdly, sodium cyanide crystals are poured into a container of sulphuric acid. This quickly releases large quantities of hydrogen cyanide gas which kills the convict within a matter of seconds.
Fourthly, the chamber is then flushed with ammonia gas which reacts with the hydrogen cyanide gas to form harmless crystals.
Fifthly, indicators are used to check that the chamber is no longer lethal.
Sixthly, attendants (wearing gas masks and protective clothing) enter the chamber through an air-lock and brush the convict's hair and clothing to dislodge any gas which may still adhering to them.


Seventhly, the attendants leave and reseal the chamber and air pumps blow the atmospheric contents of the chamber out through a high chimney. During this process guards in watch-towers are evacuated to ground level.
Eighthly, the convict's corpse is left left in the chamber for a further hour.
Ninthly, the convict's corpse is removed from the chamber which there after is thoroughly hosed down.

If we contrast the claims concerning the alleged method for "gassing millions of Jews" with the delousing method actually adopted by the French and German armies and the execution methods of the U.S. penal authorities it may readily be seen that the "Six Million gassed Jews" story is scientifically impossible and utterly bogus.

1) Zyklon B is hydrogen cyanide gas absorbed in diatomite (a porous powder). Gas is released slowly (hours) because of the nature of the absorbing substance. This slowness is another reason for it's inadequacy as an agent mass gassing.

Tech ref: Sammlung Chemischer & Chemisher Technischer Vortrage. Library of Congress ref ... 1933)75 p.p.